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No Banner Ads, No Contracts, Fast Unlimited 56k Dialup, email, checks OK,
No Setup Fees, Free* or Discounts with Referrals, $10/mo in CA, $12.95 USA
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Internet Access (56k):
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$10/mo, $99/yr($8.25/mo) or FREE*
(if you refer 10 friends that sign up
- $1/mo OFF per friend for 1 year)
Lots of Local Numbers - Unlimited 56k Access
(Free Online: News, Maps,Phone Directories, Tax Forms, Email, Info)
  Internet Access
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  Domain Hosting:
  200mb Sun Cobalt Linux
  ($10/mo added to Dialup)
  -$14/mo Basic
  -$20/mo E-Commerce

  WebSite Creation:
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  MediaBlast.net (soon)
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Why pay $20+ a month for Internet Access?:
WebCasa.net is $10/mo ($99/year) [Calif.] or FREE*
$23.90 AOL $21.95 MSN,Earthlink,AT&T $19.95 Prodigy,PacBell,Verizon
WebCasa.net 56k Unlimited Internet
California: USA Major Cities USA Extended (2x Numbers)
$10/mo ($99/yr)
$12.95/mo ($140/yr)
$14.95/mo ($162/yr)
We Host Quality WebSites cheaper: 200MB only $14/mo!
Business T1 Lines (100 mb/Sec) $300/mo [faster than DSL's 1 mb/sec](SD Co. only)
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(We have added new Access Numbers from a better provider: (01.com)
For Best Service, choose numbers like xxx-1600, not xxx-0526 or xxx-4638)
(or call (562)867-7914 or email jimk@cyberdude.com)
You can pay by check, or You can pay by Paypal (for Credit Cards)
(Beware: AOL 5.0 prevents access [delete AOL 5.0 first] (see lawsuit)
Fast, Low-cost, Unlimited 56k Internet Dialup
$10/mo, ($99/yr or $28/3mo), or
Dialup Lines: 94 lines in LA/OC (135 in Greater LA), 848 in Calif., 75 in SD, 156 by SF
(Join & make $1/month for each new referral - up to 1 yr [coupons] [Ad]) [en Español]
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You can pay by check, or You can pay by Paypal (for Credit Cards)
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