WebCasa.net - Our Newest Dialup Numbers (xxx-1600)

These are the newest xxx-1600 numbers from 01.com - no busy signals.
If you find a local number you like, download it and open it - it will self-install.
(Just change the login and password to yours after install.)

If you don't find a local number in the xxx-1600 numbers, get a xxx-0526 number from the Full List until we can replace it.
Email me and I'll make you a program that self-installs that number and I'll email it to you.)
California Regions:
San Diego
Greater LA
Greater SanFrancisco/




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All 848 Numbers for California by Area Code
(including the older xxx-0526 numbers, which may have busy signals from 8pm-11pm)
(We are planning to increase the xxx-1600 numbers to replace all xxx-0526 numbers)

Download Zip File of all California xxx-1600 Dialup Numbers from WWCdialup.zip