Free is almost GONE!
On this page, I used to give info on Free & Low-Cost Internet.
(Netzero, AltaVista, FreeInet, Juno were free and AT&T was $5/mo)
That's all changed. Most FREE offers are GONE
& Netzero's 10 free hours a month aren't worth all the banners and ads you have to weed thru.
(to fill the gap, we now offer:) 56k Internet Access at only $10/mo,
or FREE with Friends & Family

Unlimited 56k Dialup with lots of local numbers!!

If you get 10 friends to join, it's FREE for you (as long as they stay on).

[essentially you get a $1 discount for each person that joins:
If 5 friends join, you only pay $5/mo, if 8 join, you pay $2/mo, etc].

You can even make money at
we'll pay you $1/mo per person (above the initial 10)
(& your friends can make money, too!)

Netzero (Free for 10 hours a month)
To order your NetZero CD by phone, using a credit card, for $9.95 US ($15.95 Canada) call: 1-800-333-3633 (open 24/7)

$5 / month was next best, but it's gone, too

[gone =]
AT&T WorldNet(was $5 for 150 hrs/mo, now $16.95/mo).
[AT&T WorldNet is usually installed with your windows -look under Start>Programs>Internet Services]

Free DSL? - gone bankrupt?

[gone forever - or back later?] / Free DSL (6 month wait list?)


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