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Setting Up a Web Site (Courtesy of WebCasa.net)
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1) Get a Domain Name (YourName.com): (call us at (562)867-7914)
First, you have to find a domain Name that isn't already registered.
Register & pay yearly registration for your domain. Before, it cost $70 for 2 yrs, but now we can register you for just $20/yr.
2) Set up a Web Commerce Site: (call us at (562)867-7914)
At WebCasa.net, we offer Web Hosting of domains at lower prices than many.
Our Basic price is $14/mo, but if you want to accept Credit Cards (Secure SSL), you need the $20/mo "E-commerce".
For easier E-Commerce Site creation, MIVA or My SQL may be your best option (extra cost).
Creating the Web page is extra: we can do a simple page for just $200. Multiple pages, Special Effects & Graphics cost more.
Our Web Design is less expensive than most - we don't ask for $5,000 up front, just $200/simple page. (+ $100 setup)
3) Advertise, Advertise, and Advertise More:
Most People think that if you've created a Website, you'll automatically get rich. (Wrong!!!). You have to advertise!
Many companies just place their website on their Business Cards and in regular advertising - it makes your business more Prestigious, and may even convince new clients to try you. If you advertise well and get people to look at your site, you may sell online or draw more to your storefront. But DON'T SPAM!!!! You can pay companies that email (to subscribed clients) for you (not SPAM). Register your domain with Search engines. Advertising well is the hardest part.

Compare Our Business Web Domain Hosting starting at $14/mo (& Internet Access at $10/mo):
(You get more for your money with WebCasa.net - call us at (562)867-7914)
CompanyTypeCostMBFTPPOP3 email$SetupServerPerl/CGIASPSSL?
WebCasa.net Basic Basic$14200YesUnlimited$0Sun LinuxYesNono
WebCasa.net Commerce$20400YesUnlimited$0Sun LinuxYesYesyes
MS BCentral.com (Prices) Standard$30200Yes20$35Windows??no
MS BCentral.com (Prices) Commerce$50350Yes30$35Windows??yes
Earthlink.net (Prices) Basic$20200Yes30$25?yes?no
Earthlink.net (Prices) Commerce$30200Yes30$50Unixyes?yes

Host on Unix or Linux Servers, not Windows Servers!!
(Windows Servers have too many rear-end security problems - Viruses)
WebCasa.net uses Quality Sun Cobalt Linux Servers!

Some of the Sites I've Created for Clients:
Wheel Of Life
Irvine,CA .
Facial Salon

CHER Foundation.org
Chiropractic Health
Education & Research
Downey, CA
AAA Body
Auto Body &
Classic Auto

Gene Gorden
Video Productions
Anaheim, CA
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Fast 56k Internet Access $10/mo / Domain Hosting $14/mo
Fast 56k Internet Access $10/mo / Domain Hosting $14/mo
Fast 56k Internet Access $10/mo / Domain Hosting $14/mo
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