Internet Programming and Tech Info:

Internet Online Training: (HTML, JAVA, CGI, VRML, etc)
  • WebMonkey HTML Teaching Tool
  • WebMonkey VRML Instruction

  • WebMonkey Computer Video Editing with Director: Animations
  • WebMonkey Virtuals for HTML paste-ups
  • Good Backgrounds
  • NCSA CGI Programming Instruction
  • Sisna HTML Programming Instruction
  • Middle of Nowhere - Virtual School
  • Virtual School
  • TEMPEST: gov't viewing of your computer/TV screen
  • Internet Services links***
  • Hyperstand Graphics and Video
  • Create CGI script for counter
  • Free WebSite Ads
  • WebETC = multiple access thru 1 ISDN connection

  • JavaSoft programming info
  • Sam's Net Library . Sam's FTP site
  • Vivid Java - Ticket.class
  • Applets like
  • Best HTML Validator
    Netscape Guide to Tables in 4.1
    W3 Org on Character Sets DocType

    Yale Style Manual for Web Design 2nd Ed.
    Latest HTML specs
    Style Sheets
    WebMonkey CSS StyleSheets Specifics
    Browser compatibility Chart HTML Ref & Dev't & Promotion
    Yahoo HTML Reference
    ASCII Codes with ALT-### Minimum
    ISO Latin Characters / Local
    Numeric Codes / Local
    Greek Codes / Local
    HTML Validation: Unipress WebLint Trial, Perl Linkchecker
    CGI Test
    SearchEngine Optimization:
    META Tags
    How to Use Meta Tags